The Real Story of Paris Hilton

Melissa Findlay


13th April 2021

The Real Story of Paris Hilton

Released on YouTube in late 2020, The Real Story of Paris Hilton gives a never-before-seen insight into the unconventional heiress...

‘The Real Story of Paris Hilton’ was released on YouTube in late 2020 and quickly went viral on the platform, due to the never-before-seen deep dive into Hilton’s past and present, with the video currently racking in over 20 million views. The independent documentary directed by Alexandra Dean follows the unconventional heiress, Paris Hilton, who built an American dynasty that now eclipses even her family’s fortune.

I know that as some of you read the title, you may have scoffed at the idea of watching a documentary based on one of the most infamous early 2000’s bleached blonde bimbo, who is only famous because of her reckless behaviour, love life and/or family’s fortune, right? Well, you aren’t alone. I had the exact same skepticism before watching. However, the raw documentary unearths Hilton’s traumatic past at a prison-adjacent boarding school and in the first 6 minutes, Hilton tells the camera that she even “finds it hard to be normal” because she is so used to playing someone else around the camera. The audience even gets to hear Hilton’s real voice, opposed to the Valley girl vocal-fry that most of us are used to.

From a young age Paris knew that she was different. Whether her family approved or not, she was going to do whatever it took to carve out her own space in pop culture. In 2001, a leaked sex-tape of the heiress shot her into an unconventional spot to stardom. However, instead of shying away from the spotlight, Paris used this as an opportunity to catapult herself into the cultural zeitgeist. From pioneering reality TV shows to her endless brand deals, Paris is usually the first person you think of when you hear the name ‘Hilton.’

But, as we know, fame is not always what it is cracked up to be. The documentary shows just how complex of a character Paris is, compared to how she was initially portrayed by the media. It shows that at her heart, Paris is a businesswoman, who wanted to shape the world a little bit, in her own way. During a trip to South Korea, Paris details her battle with insomnia, due to her past trauma. This moment is one that I think is the most memorable of the documentary, because it shows Paris at her most vulnerable whilst in front of the camera, which the public rarely catch a glimpse of.

I have learnt that you must go into this documentary with an open mind. It’s easy to side with the tabloids regarding Paris, but this is the public’s opportunity to finally see her side of the story. So, leave your prejudices at the door, because in the immortal words of Hilton herself - “That’s Hot.”