Advice for the younger years...

Emily Peake


13th April 2021

Get our tips on coming up to the academy, the support the school offers and what we wished we knew back in S1-3!

I’m sure that I speak for many of us who are leaving Banchory Academy this year, that our experience at school has not always been worry free. Whether that be making the transition from Primary to Secondary, moving up years groups or simply navigating our way through the teenage years. Now that our Academy journey is coming to an end, we can look back and share some of the things we know now that we wish we had known then!

My first tip is don’t be afraid to make friends with new people! Friendship groups will chop and change throughout the years – this is pretty much guaranteed! However, don’t be nervous about hanging around with new people at break, or working with new people in your classes. Look out for those who are on their own and perhaps afraid to ask for company – you never know when you might be that person in need!

Secondly, if you feel that you need help with your work, are having problems at home or with your friendship groups, or just feel that you need to speak to somebody, don’t be scared to speak to someone and ask for help with your problems. Your guidance teacher is there for a reason, and they would rather that you came and spoke to them than to keep problems to yourself. Many teachers in school are “Mental Health First Aiders”, so are trained to help pupils with Mental Health issues. Just like your guidance teacher, your class teachers are there for you to speak to if you are worried about anything. There is also “Peer Listening” which takes place at lunchtime, where senior pupils sit in the library and are there if you wish to speak to them, or just want to play games as a distraction from what is on your mind.

When it comes to homework, make sure that you complete it! I know that there will be times when you would rather be doing something else than completing a bit of work, but it is there for a reason. It will help you consolidate information that you have been given, as well as benefit your progress and help you be better prepared for future lessons. Your teachers will also appreciate you putting in the effort!

When it comes to class tests, and eventually exams, you will want to revise little amounts very often. You will find this less overwhelming than if you were to try and go over whole topics at a time and cramming at the last minute. It is far more effective to do little and often.

Finally, try not to stress about things. Right now, you are meant to be enjoying school, and there is plenty of time to worry about things once you have left (ask any adult!). It is really common to get stressed over work that you get set, but if you follow all the other tips that have been mentioned, you can help avoid the unneeded worry.